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By capitalising on trending topics in your industry, we keep your brand at the forefront of relevant conversations. Our Newsroom team crafts engaging and informative articles that showcase the strengths and values of your brand, boosting your reputation. But we don't stop there. With our vast network of publishers, we secure top-tier placements that ensure your message reaches a wide and relevant audience, giving your brand the hero status it deserves.

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Creating and maintaining trust-worthy brands
We craft encapsulating content and strategically place it, cultivating your target market.
Crisis management
Take the initiative in a crisis. Share your side of the story first. The key here is the swift delivery of high performing content coupled with the know-how in placement excellence.

Our Brand Reputation
Leadership Team

Sonia Paganuzzi
CEO & Head of Content Global
Samson Mackeown
Managing Director / Newsroom
Harry Atkinson
Editorial Director UK
Alex Constantinou
Head of Global Operations
Blanca Mazariegos
Head of Social Global


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