Community engagement is essential for understanding the audience. That's why our social media strategy is focused on creating bespoke content that ignites conversations and cultivates a devoted following. Our strategic activations are the secret sauce that elevates your brand to new heights.

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Social media strategy
​​We use a goal-oriented approach and tactical execution to help brands build a powerful online presence that resonates with their audience. Our expert team crafts content pillars and optimised distribution strategies to drive engagement across platforms. We also ideate co-branding partnerships to amplify your message and reach a wider audience in the dynamic Web3 landscape
Content creation
In the digital world, content is king. Our service helps you stand out in a crowded market. We use data-driven insights to understand your audience's needs and craft compelling content that resonates. From eye-catching graphics to engaging videos, we bring your brand to life. We create content for social media, your website, or any other platform.
Real-world experiences are crucial to our web3 community-led growth strategy. Our team has the skills and experience to plan and execute successful stunts to make a lasting impression on your audience. By integrating physical brand promotions into your digital strategy, we create a holistic approach that engages and delights.

Our Community Engagement
Leadership Team

Sonia Paganuzzi
CEO & Head of Content Global
Samson Mackeown
Managing Director / Newsroom
Harry Atkinson
Editorial Director UK
Alex Constantinou
Head of Global Operations
Blanca Mazariegos
Head of Social Global
Jawad Hussain
Editorial Director DBX


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